Contest: Win an Amsterdam Cruiser bike

Check it out – win a very cool Cruiser bike from the fine folks at Amsterdam Brewing. Details in Ben’s Beer Blog.

Ben's Beer Blog


There are two things I like about summer: drinking sessionable, hoppy beers and riding my bike.

That’s why when Amsterdam Brewery recently announced that they were giving away the above-pictured totally bitchin’ cruiser bike branded with the logo of their equally bitchin’ 4.9% golden pale ale, Cruiser Ale Day Pale Ale, I was perhaps less-than-subtle in showering praise on said bike on Amsterdam’s social media.

The “like-love” didn’t necessarily net me the result I wanted (I was really hoping they’d just be so into my enthusiasm that they’d send me a bike) but it did snag me a great opportunity for you, my loyal readers.

Yes, the ‘Dam Good Beer People are letting me give away a bike to a reader of Ben’s Beer’s Blog.

To enter, simply tweet a message telling me where you’d take your first ride on your new Cruiser cruiser if you won. Remember to include the…

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Podcast Ep. 10 – All About Homebrew

Mick McNamara and I sat down with Matt Gibson to talk Homebrew on the Sounds Like Beer Podcast.

sounds like beer

It’s been a month since my last episode, but I finally stopped running around long enough to put an episode together.

On this episode we’re talking all things homebrew with Mick McNamara and Doug Appledoorn. When you hear the word home-brew, I think a lot of people picturethose cheesy “U-Brew” places in strip malls where you can pitch yeast into an extract solution, and come back two weeks later to bottle some cheap, inoffensive lagers and red ales. But that’s not what home-brew is really about. These are artisinal, hand-crafted beers made with care and creativity in kitchens, garages and backyards all across the country. Blogs and forums dedicated to brewing have been popping up all over the internet for years, and homebrew suppliers are opening storefronts in high-rent areas. Clearly, home brewing is a key aspect of the craft beer revolution, and I wanted to know what draws people in to…

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