A Great Food Pairing for a Flight of Beer

Beer Flight at Pelican Brewing in Oregon

Beer Flight at Pelican Brewing Company in Oregon

Ever been to a brew pub with just too many great beers to choose from?  Places like that can be a little overwhelming, but it really is a great way to get a little variety and try something new.  In many of these types of places you can usually order a flight, which are about 4 ounces each and can be 4 to 8 different samples.  It’s great because you can sample everything you want and still be able to comfortably walk out of the place when you are done.

The only downside to ordering a flight is how they can sometimes be poured.  Many places don’t pour each glass with enough head on it to truly appreciate how the beer smells and tastes.  But thankfully some places really understand the importance of head on a beer and they should be thanked when they pour it properly.

Flight at the Rogue Brew Pub in Oregon

Flight at the Rogue Brew Pub in Oregon – They know how to pour a great flight! 

The other very cool thing you can do with a flight of beer is order food and experiment with the different flavours and see how it complements or contrasts with the beer.  There are several great menu choices that will give you a number of interesting experiences, but the best one for me has been the Cobb Salad.

Traditional Cobb Salad

A Traditional Cobb Salad

A traditional Cobb Salad consists of iceberg lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado and chicken.  There are variations on this that can include other things such as seafood, but this is the usual combination.  It is also generally served with each of the component ingredients placed on the salad in separated sections, which makes it ideal for a taste experimentation.  Beer and salad pairings are very underrated and an interesting way to enjoy both.

With your flight you can experiment with different combinations and really understand how a great beer and food pairing works.  I still remember the first time I had an imperial stout with blue cheese, it was heavenly!

Be sure that when ordering your flight to pair with food you choose several different styles and try beers you wouldn’t normally order.  It’s only 4 ounces and if you really don’t like it, it’s only 4 ounces!  By doing this you may discover a style of beer you wouldn’t normally order and find a new favourite, especially if it works well with the food.  These sorts of beer and food pairings are a great exploration for your tastebuds and an excellent way to go outside of your comfort zone to discover new combinations.


3 thoughts on “A Great Food Pairing for a Flight of Beer

  1. IMO an ideal flight would give larger glasses with room left in the glass after pouring for aromas to gather. When the foam is all the way to the top of the glass there no where for aromas to gather so they disperse right away.

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